We all scream for ice cream!

but, would u eat cheese ice cream? what about garlic or fish flavored?

Yum, haha

These flavors exist, and i’m not even kidding.  Take a look for yourselves:

101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors from Around the World

I thought this was really interesting, mainly because ice cream is normally classified as sweet goodness, but then comes along squid ice cream, crab ice cream, eel ice cream and etc. which is definitely different from your usual vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies ‘n’ cream, and so on.

It also depends on the culture, as it maybe actually be normal for a japanese person to eat Koshihikari Rice Ice Cream-an ice cream made from Japanese rice.

I would really like to try corn, grated yam, and chili pepper ice cream one day though…

Questions to pursue:

How does ice cream affect one’s mood?

How often does one rely on ice cream for emotional comfort?


What is the most popular ice cream flavor amongst teenagers?